I want to get physical…

Printed versions of my work

First of all, I do not endorse Olivia Newton-John I just love when anything I work on arrives at my door in physical form. I love trying out the new games I’ve worked on and reading the books I’m sent. With everything so easy to manage online now, one might wonder why people still buy things at a higher price just to hold it in their hands, I am one of those people. I’d rather have a tangible, textile object I can pick up, I think objects hold memories unlike digital versions. I’m super attached to them, and will keep them forever as memories of my career.

Benefits for authors and game designers

I think it’s important to get a copy of what you create out to contributors for a few reasons, not only will they feel like they have been rewarded (for the reasons above- keepsakes and memories), but they’ll be totally invested in getting you a good product.

Having your artist, game tester, or whoever blog or post on social media about receiving your new creation is another smart piece of marketing too!





  1. Hi Wendy!

    Thanks for stopping by, I did Anthony’s Santorray cover for ‘Outraged’. he’s a blast to work with, and a great writer. I’m pleased you agree, holding something you helped make is so satisfying. I also love the smell of a new book… I hope I’m not the only one!

  2. Hey Dave, great to see you here! There’s room for a Dave Farmer title there… thanks for sending it! This was all just an elaborate plan to remind you! haha.

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