Fantasy Book Covers: Tales from Mysterion

Fantasy book covers

I’m working with a new client, author Richard Garcia Morgan (you can read a little more about him below). Richard commissioned me to work on his full trilogy all at once. It’s cost effective for him as I provide a discount for bulk commissions, but more importantly it’s given us the ability to plan ahead. We have created a set of parameters to work in, to ensure that the series remains identifiable as it progresses. We’ve had the chance to create small icons and accents that pull it all together, like the flame at the top. I love anything with a background story, giving reason as to why it is there, and that’s been a real blessing working with Richard, particularly in the scope of a trilogy.

These are the two covers of the trilogy we have completed so far.


About Richard Garcia Morgan

Born in the Seychelles Islands, Richard Garcia Morgan grew up in Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania, immersed a rich variety of cultures and peoples. Now he lives in Canada, surrounded by the majestic snow-capped mountains of British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

Richard loves beauty, vibrancy, and the richness of life in all of its many dimensions. In the magic and fantasy of Mysterion, he strives to capture this fullness—both the four dimensions of the visible world and the hidden realms of the Spirit.

To get a sneak preview of the Mysterion Trilogy (to be released this November), visit


  1. Wow, that’s a great offer Richard! I’ll certainly point any fantasy fans I know there!

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