Board game art

Specialising as a fantasy board game artist

Below are just a few examples of my work from over the years. I mainly work as a fantasy board game artist, but have worked across genres as a sci-fi board game artist, zombie board game artist and plenty more. I have also worked on a load of abstract stuff, and niche genre artwork. Drop me a line if you have any queries as to whether I have samples that might help your decision. Email me at

Monarchs of Camelot board game layout. Board game art by The Noble Artist

a zombie attack down a tight alleyway. Man fighting with a baseball bat. Art by the noble artist

If you need some more detail about what I do, or would like to discuss a brief, I’m always happy to help.

If you’d like to chat about any of your projects, email me at or you can find handy briefing forms via the contact page.