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pirates broadsiding another ship. Pirate board game artwork by the noble artist

Broadside! Pirate art

Epic pirate art I made for Back O’ Beyond, the board game Back o’ Beyond, an upcoming pirate game from Fabled Games gave me the opportunity to get my pirate hat and eye-patch on. I have been commissioned to create some pirate art scenes, characters and game pieces for the

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Fantasy beast

The Grondle, a fantasy beast from the mind of Lance Vangundy I was recently commissioned by regular client, Lance Vangundy to create some of the incredible fantasy beasts from his series of books. In The Rune Fire Cycle series, we’re working on fleshing out the visuals, to really build the

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Dragon queen art work. A female dragon rider with her golden dragon. Fantasy art by The Noble Artist

Dragon art

Dragon art is the best! I love painting dragons, it’s so much fun. I love how varied they can be. Even in traditional lore, about different coloured dragons, with different strengths and weaknesses there’s so much to play with. Then you have an entirely new setting and you can play

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Creature art

Creature art for fantasy games One of the cool things about fantasy ttrpgs is all the cool creatures they include to flesh out their worlds. One of the classics, comes from real life… The grizzly bear. I was tasked with making this piece of creature art for upcoming TTRPG, Tyrant’s

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