Jamie is a freelance digital artist from Sussex, UK. He primarily takes on contracts in fiction literature cover design/illustration, board game projects, video games, and corporate illustration and graphic design.

Among many others, Jamie has provided artwork for League of Legends (Riot Games),  Magicka (board game licensed by Paradox Interactive), Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms, Dungeons and Dragons) and Richard A Knaak (author of Warcraft, Dragonlance and Diablo series of books).

Jamie has also designed, illustrated and published a board game, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails. He is also Co-Founder and CEO of DoodleMeeple, a board game industry platform which helps professionals collaborate and find projects.

Jamie is always happy to discuss new projects, you can find his contact details, and direct enquiry forms here.

Zombie board game art

Zombie board game art for 30 Seconds to Live Time is of the essence I was commissioned by William Angus of Kitten Kaiju Games to produce zombie board game art for his debut self published game, 30 Seconds to Live. In 30 Seconds to Live, you take on one of two

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Sci-Fi Cover Art: Remnant

Sci-fi cover art for author, Dan Peyton The brief I loved receiving this brief to do this sci-fi cover art piece. I’ve known Dan for some time now, and often talked to him about working together. When he said he’d like a piece with Star Wars montage vibe, I was

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Gaming Logo: Pads and Pawns

Designing a new look gaming logo In with the new Nick Welford of (it’s a long list!), writer for Zatu, head of Board, Deck and Dice and also admin at Board Game Exposure has been a friend of The Noble Artist for a long while and commissioned me to design a new gaming logo

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Quick Logo Design

Quick Logo Design Easter Island inspire Cat head This one was kinda fun. I did this quick logo design a while back for client Thomas Klausner, who I’d worked with before on Perdition’s Mouth. Thomas wanted a vector logo that looked like one of the Moai heads on Easter Island,

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More Warhammer 40k Art

Warhammer 40K Art for the roleplay game More contract work from my favourite universe! In the last update about my freelance work doing Warhammer 40k Art for Games Workshop’s IP, I talked pretty excitedly about getting the gig. As time moves on I’m able to show off a few more bits

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