Jamie Noble Frier is a freelance digital artist from Sussex, UK. He primarily takes on contracts in fiction literature cover design/illustration, board game projects, video games, and corporate illustration and graphic design.

Among many others, Jamie has provided artwork for League of Legends (Riot Games),  Magicka (board game licensed by Paradox Interactive), Ed Greenwood (Forgotten Realms, Dungeons and Dragons) and Richard A Knaak (author of Warcraft, Dragonlance and Diablo series of books).

Jamie has also designed, illustrated and published a board game, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails. He is also Co-Founder and CEO of DoodleMeeple, a board game industry platform which helps professionals collaborate and find projects.

Jamie is always happy to discuss new projects, you can find his contact details, and direct enquiry forms here.

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Fantasy cover art for Aleksei Parker

Aleksei Parker’s new novel with my fantasy cover art I’m really pleased to have got the call from Aleksei Parker to work on the fantasy cover art for her novel, Lamorra- Sorceress of Destiny. Aleksei gave some fantastic character descriptions for me to follow, I particularly like her beast companion,

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Fantasy Comic Map – Baby Barbarian

Commissioned work on fantasy comic, Baby Barbarian I was commissioned by long term creative friend, Bill Gosline to work on his fantasy comic. Bill Gosline is an author and a creative entrepreneur. He’s the mind behind Baby Barbarian, a family friendly, fantasy comic about a young Barbarian’s coming of age

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