Black and white raider character for dystopian sci-fi world by The Noble Artist

Sci fi character art

Sci fi character art for the Aetherial War series I wanted to show off some sci fi character art pieces I did for author and game designer Nathan Doverspike for his Aetherial War setting. I worked on these last year but never posted them on my blog! A big mistake

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DnD Artist

Hi I’m Jamie! I’m a DnD artist with over 15 years of experience working in the fantasy illustration industry. I’ve been working on a new series of pieces for an upcoming series of adventures for Arch Mage Press. I’ve shown off some of the covers I’ve worked on for the

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A fantasy city map, fantasy cartography by The Noble Artist. Sepia old used looking map.

Fantasy maps

Nothing better than a fantasy map Who doesn’t love delving into their favourite escapist happy place and finding a fantasy map they can gaze at. Longingly hoping to be there and experience it? Well my (now almost regular) client Tobin Marks commissioned several pieces of fantasy cartography from me. Above

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Dragon queen art work. A female dragon rider with her golden dragon. Fantasy art by The Noble Artist

Dragon art

Dragon art is the best! I love painting dragons, it’s so much fun. I love how varied they can be. Even in traditional lore, about different coloured dragons, with different strengths and weaknesses there’s so much to play with. Then you have an entirely new setting and you can play

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