#NobleArtKids Day 5

Let’s have some fun!

With most schools now officially closed in the UK, and more closing worldwide, it’s more important to me than ever to keep posting these illustrations for your kids to print and colour in. I hope for 10 minutes, half an hour or whatever attention span they have it keeps their minds off some of the worries they and you may be having right now.

Today my son and I have been playing in the garden, and I plan on a bit of colouring with him this afternoon!

Please share this page with friends and other parents so they can make the most of this too. I’m sure people will be looking for things to get their kids away from screens for a bit each day.

Without further ado, here’s the “how I drew it” video and picture beneath. As usual, right click and save the image and go ahead and print. It’s A4 size so should print without much fuss on your home printer.

If your kids finish quickly, why not get them to write a short story about the adventurer and his dog? I’d love to read them. Also please keep sending me your coloured in pictures! I love sharing them (with your permission). Please send any stories and colouring to info@thenobleartist.com

Thanks all!

Keep smiling, keep safe!



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