Day 4 #NobleArtKids free colouring in

The usual intro:

(For those who are just joining us!) I hope you’re all taking care of yourselves during this difficult time. I’m not a doctor, I can’t help in that way… but I among other people am likely to have a lot of “home time” with children, and I wanted to give something I could do. So I’m going to do daily line illustrations parents can print out for their kids to colour in (and big kids are welcome to colour them too).


Today things are going to be out of this world… We’re taking a detour from fantasy and going for a UFO illustration. Keep posting photos of your kids colouring, and use #NobleArtKids so I can find them and share!

Here’s the video of the latest illustration being done, and you can right click on the UFO image below and hit “Save picture” then print out. Have fun!

Keep smiling, keep safe.


I did two versions of this as I was a bit worried the one with the man being beamed up might scare a few kids, so feel free to choose from one of the below!

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