#NobleArtKids Day 6, we’re officially on lockdown in the UK

Lockdown Lock-in with the goblin barman

Now, during the lockdown it’s even more important to me to make sure I’m doing my bit for the kids who are locked in. I know my own son is already missing his friends at nursery. That’s why I’m continuing to draw something every day for kids to print and colour in while at home. Please share this page on your social media so other parents can make the most of it too, the more kids who get to colour it the better (adults welcome too!). When sharing use the #NobleArtKids so I can find them!

Today we’re going to do the goblin barman!

Right  click on the image to “save picture” and print for your little ones.

If your kids finish quickly, why not get them to write a short story about the adventurer and his dog? I’d love to read them. Also please keep sending me your coloured in pictures! I love sharing them (with your permission). Please send any stories and colouring to info@thenobleartist.com


goblin barman free colouring in

Thanks all!

Keep smiling, keep safe!

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