Fantasy book cover for Lance Vangundy

Lance Vangundy’s fantasy series begins

You’ll have to excuse my late post on this one, Corona virus seems to have just relegated the periphery part of my day job, so I can just concentrate on working on the art side!

This book cover I was working on back in May. Everything came together in this piece for me. I’m super pleased with it. It’s going to be an instant portfolio add.

Lance Vangundy is a new fantasy author, I can’t wait to read his stuff. He’s an incredibly interesting guy who’s been fighting the Covid-Virus on the front line in the USA.

All the while being one of the nicest, easiest clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I can’t wait to work on book two, come on Lance! Get writing!

The art piece

Some art commissions I feel like I take a step forward on. The way this piece came together was a real break through for me. It’s such a nice solid silhouette for a fantasy book cover, the simple background really makes the character pop.

This is what makes me love being a fantasy artist. Especially when I can create great poses and lace them with something a little fantastical. His glowing runes are pertinent to the story and Lance described them so well. I decided to continue the runes by adding them to the titles at the top of the book cover.

This has to be one of my favourite fantasy book covers I’ve worked on to date.

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