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Festive Fantasy Fun

All the F’s and none of the bad ones! We’ve got some Christmas cards that are perfect for you fantasy fans out there. If you’re a dungeons and dragons fan, or just love fantasy, you’re in for a real Christmas treat.

Illustrated and captioned by artist and game designer Jamie Noble Frier, Hero Master: Festive Fumbles Christmas cards are the festive follow up to the very popular original Hero Master greetings cards. Featuring familiar tropes that you know and love to make light of, Hero Master: Christmas cards are the perfect greeting for your fantasy-game-fanatic friendsĀ and family.

After the continued success of Hero Master, across it’s initial series of greetings cards, subsequent board game and another series of cards, Hero Master has become quite in demand!

After constant requests for Christmas cards in the Hero Master universe, last year I got them designed and printed and I’m now pleased to say that the four pack and individual cards are available from www.GeekingsCards.comĀ 

What do I get?!

Each pack of hilariously captioned capers includes festive comic strips based on fantasy lore, making for the perfect blend of Christmas fantasy parody.

Each card plays upon the tropes found in the fantasy and roleplaying game genre, to create humorous captions and illustrations that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any roleplaying recipient… even your DM!


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Give your geek a chuckle this Christmas! Find these cards, gifts and board games at:


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