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Digital artist life hack… getting Adobe CC cheaper

To all my digital art friends, and anyone who uses the awesome Adobe Creative Cloud suite… I think I use it all, Adobe Photoshop is my life blood, Illustrator is always open here. Having mastered inDesign which I should have started using years ago, and the video editing combo of After Effects and Premiere… you can now get Adobe CC cheaper.

I must know hundreds of digital artists, creatives, graphic designers over the years and I’m trying to tag them everywhere and hit them up with this. So please share it too, and if you managed to make the most of it, please give my Youtube Channel a subscribe, and write a little comment. I love to hear from people!


I was so excited, I made a video about it. In the video there’s a bit that shows you where they will offer you a cheaper deal. I’ve now done this twice over the years, first time I managed to get a free month, that’s £50/$53 off!

Adobe CC cheaper!

This time I did even better! I managed to get £20 off every month for the next year. That’s huge! £240!! That’s like $320! 40% off… that’s practically Adobe Creative Cloud Free… right?!

Maybe Christmas isn’t cancelled after all! 🙂

The Noble Artist is all about getting cheap photoshop, it’s a necessary tool in my day job, and as I progress in learning the rest of the suite, getting cheap illustrator, cheap after effects, and cheap premiere on top is a real bonus. In fact at the remaining £30 a month I’m paying I can probably try out some other art packages like Coral Painter.

Help for creative people looking to start their career

I’m determined to help people who were in the position I was ten years ago. So if you’re looking to get into the creative industry as an digital artist, designer or anything else, follow along with me I’m going to be adding loads more written, video and audio content over the next few months. Starting with this video on how to get Adobe CC cheaper! You’ll need it if you want to work in the board game or video game industry as an artist. It’s without a doubt the industry standard.

I hope I can give people the foot in the door that was missing when I first started. You can have a career in the games industry, you can be the digital artist and create cool fantasy artwork, you just need to know where to look…

“There are no jobs in art…”

There are digital art jobs, don’t let the naysayers tell you there isn’t. It stopped me for eight years before I came back to follow my artistic dream. I changed what I studied, the career I pursued, I even ended up managing restaurants before I woke up and realised, my career was in digital art, drawing dragons, not serving pizza.

I want to show folks how get a 2D artist career, like I did. How you can do it at any point in your life. I did. Now I earn enough to sustain a mortgage, my two gorgeous kids alongside my hard working wife, and a healthy board game addiction.

It’s a lot of hard work to get there, but if it’s a choice between being completely satisfied at work, and excited to get in every day like I am, or just coast along and wish away the years you’ve got a choice to make.

If I can ever pass a message on to anyone who’s unhappy at work: It’s do something. Do it now. Don’t waste another second. Being happy is worth every ounce of effort.

If you’re hoping to find your way into a career as a digital artist, let me know! @me on Twitter

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