Fantasy book covers: The Hunters and The Hunted

Wow, things have been busy lately. I’ve worked on a load of book covers several board games and spent a lot of time designing and producing my own artwork for my own board game Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails.

I finished this book cover yesterday. It’s one that I’m really pleased with. I love working with Knights of the Northwest, they’re a professional and friendly outfit, and I really hope our work continues into the future. I’ve been working on their Dragonband series for some time now and love the style they are putting out there.

In this scene the publisher asked me to produce a scene similar to that of the Dragonlance and old school Dungeons and Dragons novels.  I am really pleased with the scene, as it feels dynamic and exciting. I used a new colouring technique, and have more recently been working a sketch up to almost finished in black and white and colouring over the top. Before I tried to colour each individual layer separately, but it becomes very difficult with light, as it tends to bleed across all colour in real life. So I have been trying to think more naturally about light. Also trying my best to avoid getting into minor details before finding the basic lighting on shapes. I think this sped I my process and made for a better outcome.

I previously worked on book one, The Crossroads of Draston that you can see here.

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