Fantasy portrait: Elven Bard

If you read my blogs you may have heard me talking about my own board game in progress, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails. I’m fortunate enough to have met Stijn De Vleesschauwer who has become my lead playtester. He’s reliable and has great gaming insight, and always willing to help. For his recent birthday I wanted to create something nice for him. As a Dungeons and Dragons player, Stijn often talks about the characters that he roleplays as. So I painted his main character, this Elven Bard. Witty, sharp and deadly in the right situation. It was a real blast and when I posted it got more commissions from the gaming community to do the same. 

Thank you again to Stijn! To more fun and play tests on Hero Master!

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  1. My party members are very jealous 😛
    The only downside is that now my DM wants to kill me off 🙁 😉

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