A recommendation from author Joel Norden

I love working with people, it’s one of my favourite parts of the job… that and the art bit! Here’s a recommendation I received last week from Joel Norden of the fantasy publishing group Knights of the Northwest. I’ve been working on the logo and the first cover of their new series Dragonband. I received my copy through the mail from the guys the other day, and I’m really pleased with it. I’m already reading the first tale, you can see it on my bedside table!

They were also kind enough to send me a T-shirt and drinks koozie with the logo I designed for them. I certainly feel part of the team now!

Anyway… here’s what they said:

“Jamie went above and beyond all expectations for the cover art he did for us! He perfectly captured what we were looking for. Jamie’s communication skills are great, understanding everything we wanted and continually checked in with us on the progress of the cover.
On top of the great job he did, Jamie is SUPER easy to work with, very friendly and easy to chat with.

I will continue to go to him with anything art related things for my fantasy series, I suggest you do the same!” Joel Norden

You can see loads more recommendations for me on my Linkedin page.

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