Fantasy book covers: The Rienfield Chronicles

Fantasy book covers: Book two (in reverse order)

I recently met MT. Magee, author of the Rienfield Chronicles when she was looking for an artist for her fantasy series of books.

Having read a few excerpts in preparation I knew this was a series I was going to enjoy. I also had a sneaky look at the reviews for her books (I love doing sneaky background research on clients… so exciting when you see how successful they are!), and I was even more excited to see here 4.5 star average on Goodreads.

First off, we tackled her second book cover as her first had already been done. MT has a real feel for an epic story and I loved the subject of the homecoming for the cover of book two. I also had the opportunity to depict her graceful race of ‘Rabkins’ on the cover, one of whom becomes a friend of the main character. The image is set in an overgrown ruined medieval style building, so I wanted the feeling of light shafts coming through in the early evening.



Book one

Once we’d completed book two, MT asked me if I’d like to work on the rest of the fantasy series. Knowing a good thing when I saw it… I jumped at the chance!

To keep everything in line I began working on the do-over of her cover for book one.

The same couple of main characters are in the foreground, this time reuniting with each other. MT wanted to convey a romantic mood, which was easy with the picturesque background, soft summer colours and character poses. Having just returned from Edinburgh, the castle was something I was excited to include!

I also got to depict a Rabkin creature a little closer up, which was fun (I really like doing light through ears!).

I look forward to working with MT in future! We’re already discussing a few more ideas!


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