Horror book cover: Stars in Their Eyes

Horror book cover

I was recently approached by an author Anthony J. Langford, for horror book cover. It was a story of the hunt for stardom, and it’s perilous journey. Anthony wanted to represent a mixture of awe and hopefulness with a hint of trouble brewing in the background.

A few things I did on this cover which stand out to me were, playing with the lightning colours: pinks and blues were lots of fun to play with. But mainly, it’s trying to scale back on the saturation of my images unless completely necessary. It means you can use saturated areas of colour to draw the eye, like you would with areas of high contrasting tone, or lots of detail. I also enjoyed doing some research into drawing from slightly underneath the chin.

Anthony wanted to use the ‘stars in their eyes’ symbol, to portray the desires of the character. The book will now be released under the title¬†Pseudo Stars.¬†Check out Anthony’s website here.

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