Noble News Round-up

News 5th May 2017

Another new segment for the blog.  A place where I can let you all know what I’m doing, and what friends of The Noble Artist are doing. This time I’ve got loads to share, and I hope to continue sharing loads of cool stuff as time goes on!

New release: Outraged, Anthony Wedgeworth

Fantasy author Anthony Wedgeworth has released his novel that I produced the cover for. Outraged focuses around a dragonlike humanoid called Santorray who is pretty bad-ass! It’s already garnering great reviews and is available from Amazon.


Board Game Review: Perdition’s Mouth

The mammoth sized dungeon crawler I provided art for has had ANOTHER great review, which I love to see. This time at Board Game Quest.



fantasy-art-dwarf-dwarven-smith-blacksmith-forge-beards-orangeKickstarter successful! Smiths of Winterforge

A board game that I produced some artwork for has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, with lots of nice things said about the artwork it was great to be a part of! Smith of Winterforge is a Euro-style game with a fantasy theme based on crafting exquisite armaments for the King of Winterforge!



fantasy-logo-publishing-house-independentKickstarter in progress: Dragonband’s Of Monsters and Valons

Superstars aplenty in this anthology of stories, which is now available on Kickstarter. Run by friend of The Noble Artist, Joel Norden who also writes in the anthology. Don’t miss out on this fantasy feast including big names like Ed Greenwood, Richard A. Knaak and Aaron Rosenberg.


board-game-artist-interviewInterview: The Noble Artist at Streamlined Gaming

In case you missed it, yours truly was interviewed at Streamlined Gaming about finding and working with board game artists.



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