Doppleganger art – Halaster’s Compass

Fantasy art- Doppleganger scene by The Noble Artist

Doppleganger art reveal

A Dopplewhat?! A doppleganger is a creature that can take on the form of another. Discussing the brief for the doppleganger art, we wanted to make it clear that there was some kind of identity theft occurring. I used a tavern scene, where the central character, distracted, is about to have his drink replaced with something that will get him out of the way for the sinister version of him lurking behind…

In case you missed it, I posted about working with Ed Laccohee and Ed Reeve on their upcoming tabletop roleplay game (TTRPG), Halaster’s Compass. You can read about the initial sketches for the four creatures I illustrated for them here!

I’m glad we chose this sketch out of the two below as it allowed a bit more narrative within the image. I used the single colour on the drink this time, to indicate there was something unnatural about it!

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I love my job. I’ve always wanted to be an artist working on fantasy settings, creating world that give people real escapism and suspend their disbelief. One of the things I absolutely love though, is the interaction with people who are following along with what I’m doing. Hearing comments, and seeing my work make it’s way around the world makes me so happy!

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