Sketches for a new Fantasy TTRPG

Race #1: Minotaur

The two Eds of Halaster’s Compass tasked me with providing a couple of sketches for them to choose from to illustrate four key races from their upcoming fantasy ttrpg (what’s that you say? It’s a tabletop roleplay game). These are the two sketches I provided for them to choose from. I won’t ruin the surprise on which of each is chosen, until I post the final pieces… I think this was the toughest for me to say which was my favourite of the three we’ve done so far.

Race #2: Goblins

I really like both of these sketches. I was told the goblins (like in most popular fantasy settings) squabble loads, so I wanted to have a few kind of hanging off the main focus, jabbering away all bitter and snipey. I can’t wait to work up the sketches on these to their final (black and white) pieces. I feel like the Eds have chosen the sketch I would have chosen of each to work up…

Race #3: Pixees

I love this take on pixees (or pixies, one of my favourite bands don’t you know…?). These guys are essentially the Crays of the fantasy world. East End mafia with butterfly wings. This was the easiest one to choose from for me. I won’t say though, I bet you choose the same as me and the client though!

If you need fantasy art

If you’re looking for a fantasy artist, feel free to snoop through my illustration portfolio or head straight over to contact me for work, where you’ll find my email address and some handy forms which guide you through some of the starting info I’ll need to be able to quote for you. Typically I’m booked up a month ahead of time, but do drop me a line if you have anything time sensitive, sometimes I’m able to move things around in a pinch. Hope to hear from you!

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I love my job. I’ve always wanted to be an artist working on fantasy settings, creating world that give people real escapism and suspend their disbelief. One of the things I absolutely love though, is the interaction with people who are following along with what I’m doing. Hearing comments, and seeing my work make it’s way around the world makes me so happy!

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