Full hardcover wrap for AJ Calvin's urban fantasy novel Hunted. Artwork by The Noble Artist

Urban fantasy cover

Hunted: An Urban Fantasy Cover Author AJ Calvin asked me to work on something a little different. We’d already worked on loads of fantasy art together, but this time she wanted me to work on her Seattle based Urban Fantasy. Above you can see the final hardcover wrap. I think

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Audiobook cover for fantasy novel, Tales of The Black Piper

SFF illustrated book cover

Tales of the Black Piper: an illustrated book cover This brief had it all! Fantasy battles, alien space ships and medieval culture clashes. I was commissioned by author Michael Bahnmiller to make an illustrated book cover. He has an upcoming anthology, Tales of the Black Piper. Which is a SFF

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Fantasy map, pirate style map for ttrpg choose your own adventure game, Legendary Kingdoms. Art by The Noble Artist

TTRPG Maps for Legendary Kingdoms

New fantasy TTRPG maps I have worked with Spidermind Games, (publisher of Legendary Kingdoms) for several years. Over that time I’ve worked on fantasy character art, spell artwork, black and white sketches and these maps. I find working on maps really satisfying. It feels like the most significant part of

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