Dragon book cover. A woman strokes a dragons face as she befriends it. Art by The Noble Artist

Mark Symns Katana Red

New commission: Dragon book cover This is the first piece that Tobin Marks, a SFF author I’ve now built a great working relationship with, commissioned me to paint. I made absolutely sure I had schedule time when he told me he wanted a dragon book cover. Which fantasy artist isn’t

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Fantasy heroes art for a fantasy book cover by the noble artist. Author is Ben Boardman

Ben Boardman fantasy cover

Fantasy heroes book cover commission I was contacted by author Ben Boardman to illustrate a book cover for his upcoming novel, Local Heroes. I quickly arranged a meeting over Zoom to discuss the cover. Ben’s creative description and depth to his fantasy heroes was both awesome and inspiring. I loved

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A fantasy city map, fantasy cartography by The Noble Artist. Sepia old used looking map.

Fantasy maps

Nothing better than a fantasy map Who doesn’t love delving into their favourite escapist happy place and finding a fantasy map they can gaze at. Longingly hoping to be there and experience it? Well my (now almost regular) client Tobin Marks commissioned several pieces of fantasy cartography from me. Above

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