A guide to book covers

Free guide to book covers

I love helping my authors to make the most of their book covers. That’s why I’ve put together this free guide to book covers with tips on the process of creating your book cover and beyond.

I give pointers on making sure the book cover best represents your novel and gives it the best opportunity to hook in your audience.

I present examples of my own workflow so you know what to expect when working with an artist

Then how to make sure you know where to publish and print too, so you’ve got the books when you need them, without outlaying for over the odds print runs.

Finally how best to use your cover in marketing to grow your readership and push your career as an author forward.


If we haven’t met yet. I’m Jamie. I’ve been a professional book cover artist for almost fifteen years. Over this time I’ve developed a great process to get the best out of the author-designer relationship. The secret…? A fun working rapport. Mutual excitement for a project always yields the best results. In my guide I give a detailed description of how it all works, just download it from the email you receive.

After all the amazing people I’ve met who’ve given me their help, tips and time, it seems crazy just to sit on the years of experience I have. I hope you find this guide to book covers useful. If you have any feedback or questions, just drop me a line to info@thenobleartist.com

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