Dragon queen art work. A female dragon rider with her golden dragon. Fantasy art by The Noble Artist

Dragon art

Dragon art is the best! I love painting dragons, it’s so much fun. I love how varied they can be. Even in traditional lore, about different coloured dragons, with different strengths and weaknesses there’s so much to play with. Then you have an entirely new setting and you can play

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dragon book cover

Epic series of fantasy covers

Fantasy cover for AJ Calvin (that’s right a new series!) Many of you will have seen the work I’ve been doing with the incredible fantasy author, AJ Calvin. We have an excellent synergy when working together. We tend to have a call and brainstorm out the composition live, which I

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Fantasy cover art for Aleksei Parker

Aleksei Parker’s new novel with my fantasy cover art I’m really pleased to have got the call from Aleksei Parker to work on the fantasy cover art for her novel, Lamorra- Sorceress of Destiny. Aleksei gave some fantastic character descriptions for me to follow, I particularly like her beast companion,

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