In the Spotlight: How to design a horror book cover

Horror book covers

I’m very lucky to have been asked by my friends at Popcorn Horror to write an article about designing a horror book cover. I’ve always enjoyed the format used in ImagineFX for designing artwork so I wrote it with a similar level of detail in mind.

I wanted to explain to authors what they could expect from the process of working with an artist (with my own preferences in working). Also I hoped to be able to show artists a few things which might help them as they create their own work.

We went with Dave Farmer’s cover for The Range to showcase as it was a nice example of layering levels of detail throughout. I had some good iterations of save files to use (always save iterations in Photoshop!). With Dave’s permission I even got to show my favourite resource, a sketch from the author to give me an idea of what he was hoping for! Come check out the article in the April 2017 edition to see what I mean!


Popcorn Horror

You can purchase the magazine featuring the article I wrote here and pay whatever you want! That’s right! No set fee! Please do remember that they are an independent magazine though, so I’m sure they’d appreciate whatever you can afford.




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