Digital Art Tutorials: Using tablet pressure sensitivity

Part 2 of the Custom Brushes tutorial

This is part two of our custom brush tutorial. In this segment we use the brush menu to add shape dynamics and opacity variation using our pressure sensitive tablet. This is really important and something I struggled to work out until someone told me what was wrong with my “hard lined” artwork when I first started out. IT might sound silly, but without being told, I didn’t even realise it was a function in the early days.

It’s something which has become such an integral part of the digital painting experience and feels more natural as a small step into replicating real life materials.

We also discuss adding scattering to your brush which is really helpful when building large areas of texture or, as I mention, creating features on fantasy maps, like the one I recently made for Charles Bond.

If you missed it, we discussed the basics of making a brush in part one, which can be found here.



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