Pirate battle art

pirates broadsiding another ship. Pirate board game artwork by the noble artist

Broadside! In the midst of a pirate battle aboard a ship

I like to call this piece Broadside! When, during a pirate battle, two ships draw up side by side and fire their guns. In this case, it’s all kicking off… There’s cannon fire melee combat, and boarding parties aplenty!

I truly loved working on this piece and adding all the atmosphere and lighting. It’s a piece for Fabled Games, a new tabletop game publishing studio that has commissioned me to provide all the pirate art for their game.

If you need pirate illustration

If you’re looking for a game artist, feel free to snoop through my illustration portfolio or head straight over to contact me for work. You’ll find my email address and some handy forms which guide you through some of the starting info I’ll need to be able to quote for you. Typically I’m booked up a month ahead of time, but do drop me a line if you have anything time sensitive. Sometimes I’m able to move things around in a pinch. Hope to hear from you! In the meantime, stay informed of my new work and availability and sign up for the mailing list.

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