New Fantasy Book Cover: Runes of the Prime

A growing fantasy world

I’ve worked with Lance Vangundy before, and I couldn’t have been more excited about working with him again on the same series, The Rune Fire Cycle. You can find out more about Lance on his website.

Set in the world of Karsk, the Rune Fire Cycle features some kickass heroes with complex personalities in a fantasy land full of interesting creatures and vistas. Lance is excellent at giving briefs for his characters, so you know his world building is on point. I’ll be showing off some of the concept art I worked on for Lance, that he’s going to include in his books to give the audience a flavour of his characters. I hope we continue to work together long into the future, and having read more and more of his work, I think Lance is definitely a fantasy author to keep an eye on.


Runes of the Prime, fantasy book cover for Lance Vangundy

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