LitRPG cover art

LitRPG art for a book cover by the noble artist. Featuring a fantasy adventuring party and a giant snake in a cavern underground.

LitRPG art for a ‘lit’ brief…

Apologies, ‘lit’ is not a word I use regularly, but I do love a pun, so sometimes you have to bend the rules… I really enjoyed working on this LitRPG art piece for Aethon Books. A publisher which I met earlier this year. This is the second cover I have worked on for them, although I’m not quite able to show the first yet! I’ve now worked on a total of four covers for them, and more to come. I can’t wait to keep showing you them!

This was an underground setting, so I wanted to make sure might light sources were really cool… and cool (see!?). I enjoyed using the snake (an integral character of the book) as a kind of frame for the hero characters and the blue light shards helped make it really moody. It also let me pump up the silhouette of the archer at the back of the group. I’m pleased with this piece, and each time I look at it, I notice bits I’m happy with, and as an artist perfectionist… that’s a real rarity!

Aethon Books

AETHON BOOKS is publishing the next generation of Science Fiction & Fantasy, from hit debuts like He Who Fights With Monsters, to explosive Military Sci-Fi like Contact Front, to the debut novel by actor Lou Diamond Phillips. Our mission is to build a bridge between authors and their potential readers.”

You can find out more about Aethon Books, and purchase direct from them by visiting their website.

If you need LitRPG art

If you’re looking for a fantasy artist, feel free to snoop through my illustration portfolio or head straight over to contact me for work, where you’ll find my email address and some handy forms which guide you through some of the starting info I’ll need to be able to quote for you. Typically I’m booked up a month ahead of time, but do drop me a line if you have anything time sensitive, sometimes I’m able to move things around in a pinch. Hope to hear from you! In the meantime, stay informed of my new work and availability and sign up for the mailing list.

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I love my job. I’ve always wanted to be an artist working on fantasy settings, creating worlds that give people real escapism and suspend their disbelief. One of the things I absolutely love though, is the interaction with people who are following along with what I’m doing. Hearing comments, and seeing my work make it’s way around the world makes me so happy! So please go ahead, share my posts with people you think would like them, it really helps me to continue to do what I do.

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