Hero Master funded in less than four hours!

My debut game as a designer, Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic Fails has smashed all expectations. It funded on Kickstarter within three and a half hours and now stands at 370% funded. A huge thank you to all who have supported me in getting the game fully funded, and those who have helped me in testing and feedback.

With one week left, I’m still looking to push the campaign the the limits and despite us already unlocking 13 stretch goals (bonus content unlocked when a project over funds), I’m looking to add more. If you love fantasy, a good dose of humour and board games, please check it out.


Critics have been overwhelmingly positive about the game:




The game features a group of bungling heroes, who despite their contempt for each other head out on a final doomed adventure to find a dragon’s hoard. Expect catastrophe and mayhem as they each try to trip each other up to get ahead in this game of strategic hand management, bluffing and “take that”.


The game has some amazing bonus content unlocked now, like a huge upgrade from card player boards to gorgeous neoprene playing mats. We’ve also unlocked loads of extra cards and increased the quality of the components in the game.

This certainly won’t be the last game I design. The whole experience has been incredible. I’m looking to write up my whole experience in a blog, or document at some point. It’s been a real eye opener on how to develop a product and run a business. All of which will be helpful in all my plans moving forward as both an artist and a business owner.

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