Fantasy book cover: Women of the Crystal Coast


I feel really lucky to do what I do. Fantasy artwork is a real passion for me. I’ve loved it since I can remember. All those days of staring at my DnD and Warhammer Fantasy books. Working with Joel Norden on the Dragonband Series. Gives me the nostalgic pangs I love. In fact I really love it. I posted about the other covers I worked on for  Joel before, I loved every minute of each of them…

But this time, this time I got to paint a dragon. You wouldn’t believe how infrequently for a fantasy artist I get commissioned to paint one!

The guys from Dragonband have just finished a really successful Kickstarter to fund the print run for the dragon emblazoned cover below.  However to catch up on the series, you can get both of the prequels  here on Amazon.





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