Fantasy Book Cover Art: The Moon’s Eye

Fantasy book series

Getting told you’re being considered for a new fantasy series is the most exciting feeling. You get all tingly thinking about the world building you get to do. You get to put faces, colours and accents to a story. It’s my favourite thing.

This is why I almost bit of the writing hand of AJ Calvin when she asked if I’d like to work with her on her new fantasy seriesĀ The Relics of War.

We’re working together across her trilogy, and so far I’m allowed to show off the cover for book one, The Moon’s Eye. More to come!

To keep some consistency we have created a cool housing for the title of the book, and each features the talisman item that features in each novel. In this book, The Moon’s Eye is a greenish teardrop shaped crystal.

fantasy art for book cover for fantasy author aj calvin

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