Blood Suckin’ Vampires!

Hi all, this week I’ve been work on Eleanor Black, a character from the series of novels by S.C. Parris. A vampire who isn’t afraid to use her beauty to lure in her victims!


In the GIF below you can see I have combined a few of the steps in the process so you can see how it was painted. All of my work is designed bespoke for the client, so we really nailed the character’s appearance! I always start with a rough sketch, then block it in and use that block of grey as my silhouette to work with. Then I begin to add tones. When it is taking shape, I add the overall colour pallete I want for the image, in this case a desaturated blue-green. After that I add more colour, tweak the details and soften it all with a back light at the end by colouring the blueish light source in behind her.



This character portrait was the second vampire I have worked on for S.C. Parris. The first was Xavier Delacroix a male vampire from the Dark World, here he is below.

We’ve also worked on a fantasy map for the series too!

If you need artwork for character portraits, book covers or fantasy maps, contact me!

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