#NobleArtKids Day 12: Bag End

How would Middle Earth fair with the Coronavirus? I guess the Green Dragon and Prancing Pony would be closed…

If you’re just joining us here at The Noble Artist, I’m Jamie, an independent book cover and board game artist from the UK. I like many others, have kids who are having to make sense of this crazy world situation, or even just the fact that they can’t see their friends for the foreseeable future.

So to help parents entertain their little ones, I’m drawing something quick for kids to print and colour in while at home. Please share this page on your social media so other parents can make the most of it too, the more kids who get to colour it the better (adults welcome too!). When sharing use the #NobleArtKids so I can find them!

Right click the picture, hit save and print for you and your kids to have fun with.

Keep smiling, keep safe.


middle earth bag end coronavirus hobbit hobbiton bilbo baggins

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