Map artwork for Fantasy Series: The Rune Fire Cycle

More world building for the talented fantasy author Lance Vangundy

You haven’t got far to look to find my work with Lance, we’ve done quite a lot together now. This time, Lance wanted to bring his geographic places to life, and give scope to the fantasy world he’s been building in his books.

Lance asked me to work on three fantasy maps that are key locations for the events in his fantasy series.

It’s no secret that I love working on a fantasy map, once day I swear I’m going to create an atlas of fantasy maps I’ve done to show my kids…

The Northlands

The Northlands, a fantasy map for The Rune Fire Cycle

The Southlands

As you can see the Northands and Southlands maps meet at the Valley of the Cloudwalkers and the Korjinth Mountain range.

Southlands fantasy cartography for Lance Vangundy

The Great Crown of Aarindorn

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