Logo design: Katie’s Game Corner


Image may contain: 1 personWorking in the board game industry is cool. You get to meet awesome people known as “content creators” which I’m not sure they like as it’s a little generic. One that really stands out and can’t be called generic is Katie Aidley, from Brighton. Katie contacted me when I released the first season of Hero Master greetings cards on Kickstarter back in July 2016.

Since then we have met at Dragonmeet this year, and continued to chat on social media. I noticed that Katie was looking for a logo, and wanted to get more involved with her content, so gave her a shout. Katie wanted something that reflected her style and personality, and gave me some images that really helped shape the old school tattoo feel that we went for. I’m really happy with it. There’s even a rumour going around that Katie will get the tattoo… (joke).

Katie runs a blog called Katie’s Game Corner where she talk about boardgames, wargames and mental health. She also likes to promote an inclusive gaming community and something she’s really passionate about is making wargames especially accessible for all. She loves to promote Kickstarters and to provide a platform for people to write guest blogs too! Sounds like a pretty cool place to hang out to me.

You can find her work on Twitter and her website.

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