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Nathan Doverspike SFF author

Here at The Noble Artist I’ve worked with loads of incredible creatives. It’s about time I had a chin wag with them to find out how they got where they are and why they do what they do.

Nathan Doverspike is the author of the Sci-Fi Fantasy Aetherial War series of novels. Chaos and Consequences is the first in the series and available now, along with two short story collections that dive deeper into secondary and tertiary characters in the universe. When he isn’t flying among the stars, he loves to dive into a variety of card and board games.

What was the moment, or inspiration that led you to pursue a career as an author?

The first time I watched Star Wars: A New Hope as a child. I knew I wanted to live among the stars and write stories that inspired others.

Black and white raider character for dystopian sci-fi world by The Noble Artist

Can you share a an interesting or funny story from your writing journey that taught you a valuable lesson?

I rewrote almost the first third of the book after the manuscript was completed. Originally, there was a plague that ran rampant through the galaxy and everyone was afraid to leave their homes. However, real life events forced me to change the story (for the better in the end) and allow myself the ability to completely escape reality with the story and setting.

Sci-fi gangsters by The Noble Artist, concept art for Aetherial War

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made as you’ve developed your writing career?

Early on, I didn’t give myself enough credit for my characters and story. I was always nervous people wouldn’t like it or think it wasn’t on the same level as other authors. I learned to let that go and be proud of what I wrote/currently writing.

What are your top three tips for aspiring authors?

  • Finish the book!
  • Keep an open mind to criticism
  • Don’t be afraid to take risks with your story and characters

What’s your favourite setting of all time?

Easily Sci-Fi Fantasy, more specifically Star Wars and Warhammer 40k

What should aspiring authors think about when writing dialogue?

Say it out loud! You will sound crazy, and there is nothing wrong with that. Whenever I have longer dialogue scenes, or possibly a critically impactful one, I say the lines out loud and ask myself afterwards, ‘Is that how this character would talk/feel in this moment?’ If not, I go back and try to assess why it doesn’t feel right and come up with something that fits that character and situation.

Chaos and Consequences a SFF book cover by The Noble Artist

What’s your secret to creating believable characters?

This one is so important to me as an author and avid reader myself. Flaws are what make characters relatable and interesting. Take Kai Stormbringer, for example. When we are introduced to him, he’s in a dark place (figuratively and literally). He’s taken to drinking his sorrows away, yet he is still compelled to help others with his innate ability to tap into the Aether (magic). As the story unfolds, we may not always agree with the decisions he makes, but you’ll see a huge difference in his attitude and choices towards the end of the novel.

Sci fi character design by The Noble Artist for The Aetherial War series

What would you recommend an aspiring or established author to do in terms of self-promotion to help them build awareness of their work?

Personally, I travelled to quite a few of the local book stores in the area to see if they were interested in having me set up for an hour or two for signings. While not each store would be considered a successful stop, a few were more than gracious with their time and space. Introducing yourself, showing enthusiasm for what you worked hard to create, and being yourself all helps as well!

A video trailer I created to support Nathan’s marketing of the first book in the Aetherial War series.

What are you working on right now, and what can we get our hands on already?

Right now, I am working on writing the second novel on the series, The Edge of Madness. For any info, people are welcome to check out my official site for everything Aetherial War at

Nathan Doverspike, fantasy author and game designer showcasing his work
Sci fi raider character in black and white by the noble artist

As well as the Aetherial War website above, you can find Nathan’s work at:

Thanks so much for talking to me Nathan! Good luck with writing The Edge of Madness. I hope to speak to you again soon.

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