Digital Art Show Reel

I decided to make a show reel of my digital art using Camtasia. It’s the program I use to record myself drawing but by using the zoom feature it helps me to highlight my work and make it a little more interesting than stills.

Show reel

The show reel was a short thank you to all the supporters who have joined me on social media. I reached a benchmark of 2,000 likes on my Facebook page recently which was the goal I had for the end of the year. So I’m very pleased this has happened and it’s only mid-March! All of the board game art, book cover art, logos, maps and cartography has slowly built the interest of different parties. It’s been truly great meeting people and working with many of them!


As a professional digital artist you tend to plateau, then have sharp learning curves, and then repeat, because you can get stuck in your ways. Most recently I feel like I’ve been very much on the curve upwards. Mostly thank to making time for personal work and study of art. I’ve done this through reading blogs and watching tutorials. It is making begin to understand where I’ve been lacking, and putting the necessary foundations in place to improve.

I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved so far. I know there’s plenty more to come! See my portfolio for a more inclusive range of work.

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