Concept Art for Sci-fi Novel Trilogy

Hi all!

Last week I was working on a thought provoking piece for Mark Dowson’s upcoming sci-fi series. I have been working on a selection of art that represents the inner workings of the mind of the main character. This is a piece depicting his journey and Mark has named it, “The High Flyer”. With its hidden messages and monochromatic style, it’s quite different to a lot of my commercial pieces!

To to get a handle on the themes in the piece, you’d need to read Mark’s novel, and I wouldn’t want to give spoilers here!

However… wanted to include gestures to his journey physically and metaphorically, memories that foreshadow events to come, and the downfall of his well-being come into play. With water playing a strong part in his childhood and the relationships he develops throughout his life.

It was a blast working on the themes, and I enjoyed the artistic problem solving involved.

Mark and I will be working on more of these pieces, so keep your eyes peeled!