Album cover: Waters / Kinley

Album cover artwork for Waters / Kinley

The boys in the band

I was excited to get a message from Robert Waters about doing some illustration for the Waters / Kinley album cover.

Double act, Robert Waters and Chris Kinley are band mates who have experienced great success in music. They even featured in a Strongbow cider advert. Funnily enough I went to school and knew Rob Waters really well, and saw his band play (Methylated Spirits) several times in London and in our local bars.

Trying a new style

Rob, who I now interact a lot with in the board game sphere (he’s a geek like me, I’m sure he won’t mind saying) asked me to do some illustration for them and it gave me the opportunity to try out a new black and white, kind of pen and ink style of digital illustration. I love the scratchy effects, and the way the ink smudges and bleeds in the piece. It lends itself well to a raw feel, which I always think it’s a pretty cool aesthetic for music. Edgy, creative and passionate. I’ll definitely be introducing this more into my repertoire as time moves on.

album cover waters kinley


A bit about me, the illustrator:

I’m Jamie, I am an illustrator, graphic designer, business owner and fantasy geek. I live and work in Sussex, UK.

I love working on fiction book covers and games in the broad genre I like to call “Escapism”… I’m particularly a massive fantasy fan, but love sci-fi and horror too. I’ve been working professionally on video games, books and board games since 2010 and even published my own successful board game: Hero Master: An Epic Game of Epic FailsĀ back in 2018.

I achieved my lifelong dream of regularly working on illustration for the Warhammer IP in 2021, and can’t wait for the next challenge to arise. Shout me if you need me, you can fill in a few details to get the ball rolling, but following the link below.


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