A rework of an old piece of fantasy artwork

Yesterday I was uploading work to a few different sites, and in doing so came across some work from years past. As you likely have guessed I’m a big fantasy fan (that’s why I became a fantasy artist!), so when I rediscovered this Lord of the Rings inspired piece, I couldn’t help myself tinkering. Tinkering turned into repainting and a few hours later I decided I wanted to check the difference.

When you work on something, it’s like watching something grow that you see every day. You barely notice the difference until you look back at an old photo. Until I saw the difference, I hadn’t realised quite how far my artwork has come along in a few years. I’ve had some really awesome peers like¬†Eric Belise¬†giving me feedback and problem solving with me when I come to a roadblock. It’s all really helped. The message, is keep trying, anyone can do anything. It’s just a matter of practice and perseverance. I know I’ll continue to progress, and I can’t wait for the next noticeable change… but for now, here’s the different pieces. Old first, new second.

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