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The Noble Artist is committed to bringing board game and RPG fans an alternative more tailored choice when buying something thoughtful for their friends and family in the gaming community.

With cards sold to retail at £1.50, and an RRP of £3.50, both the mark up and the impulse low-price-point-buy for customers has made them a can’t miss addition for our current participating retailers.

Free shipping on all orders of 100+ cards.

All cards are designed and illustrated by The Noble Artist Ltd.

The cards are broken down into categories for easier previewing.

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Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

Hero Master cards are humorous parody takes on the fantasy genre. Proven to be a big hit with fantasy game and RPG fans, this is the flagship series and top seller for The Noble Artist.

Build your own hero cards

Firstly the “build-your-own-hero” character sheet card, on uncoated card, so senders can fill in the details of the recipient in an amusing way, to really add a personal touch to an occasion.


Hero Master Originals

10 original designs featuring fantasy favourites with a humour that speaks directly to the fantasy game community.

Hero Master demotivational quotes

Three Hero Master demotivational quotes, perfect for any pre-adventure pep-talk…

Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

Clean, simple and elegant Meeple cards with a cute message to send your loved ones in the gaming community.


Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

Viking based humour at its best, the Raiding Party card range comprises of four unique designs based on some of Odin’s least favourite worshippers.


Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

These parody cards and illustrative cards based on popular fantasy characters will add something familiar for browsers in store.


Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

Great cards with great artwork for fantasy fans and gamers from The Noble Artist.



Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

Our bungling heroes don’t get time off for the festive season! This year saw another successful Kickstarter for the first print of the Hero Master Christmas selection. Similar humour with a festive twist, Hero Master Christmas cards are the perfect treat for a DM who says, “Bah Humbug” too often.


Purchase Price: £1.50 / RRP: £3.50

Season’s Grim Things are a series of cards for those who want to send something alternative at Christmas. Coining the phrase “Creepy cute”, these cards were the first cards from the greetings card arm of The Noble Artist LTD. With more to come in future, this range is set to expand as much as the Hero Master series.