Privacy Policies

We are really happy that you are interested in staying in touch with us. It’s important that you feel safe while you’re with us, so here is some information about how we use and store your data.

When you give us your contact details:

This data is stored securely on password protected programs or devices, but, as we use google, the data may also be transferred outside the The Noble Artist to other sufficiently secure locations.

The data we hold about you is available in a digital readable format by sending a request, along with a copy of 2 formal identifications to: As the sole representative of The Noble Artist, Jamie Noble Frier acts as the Data Protection Officer for the company. Clearly state in the email the information required and delivery route. You also have a right for any incorrect details to be amended, and a right to request data no longer required by law to be erased. Please note most data falls under the statute of limitation or taxes and management act 1970 so will not be able to be erased if under 7 years. Lastly, you have the right to restrict processing of data in any process providing we have no legal reason to continue processing it. If you wish to enact this please use the same email as above.

The Noble Artist is a UK company and therefore falls withing UK and EU law.

How we use your data:

  • As a means of contacting you to maintain communication and show you articles and artwork that we feel you will find of interest.
  • As a means of contacting you about products or services you may be interested in that The Noble Artist provides.
  • Fulfillment of our products to you should you purchase from us directly or through a third party.

Why have we got your data:

  • You have signed up via an electronic, or online registration platform.
  • You have directly given written consent to The Noble Artist.

We hate goodbyes, but:

We’re happy to chat to you as long as you’ll have us! However, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the link in the correspondence you receive from us, or by directly emailing Jamie at and clearly requesting a cancellation of your subscription to the email list.