WoW fan art- Troll Hunter

“Takealookadis Mon!” Many of you who have played WoW (World of Warcraft) in it’s 13 year long reign as king of MMOs will recognise this guy. I have been have a Wownaissance recently in poring through fan art of other artists and really enjoying it. So I wanted to add

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WoW fan art- Undead Warlock

Inspiration Many folks who visit this site, with a passion for fantasy will know the name World of Warcraft or WoW. I spent many years enjoying it, and recently my personal work has enjoyed a renaissance with a series of Warcraft inspired characters in the works. I have already posted my

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Digital Art Show Reel

I decided to make a show reel of my digital art using Camtasia. It’s the program I use to record myself drawing but by using the zoom feature it helps me to highlight my work and make it a little more interesting than stills. Show reel The show reel was

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