Hour glass in space, SFF book cover

SFF book cover for David Gordon

A new SFF book cover … That’s science fiction, fantasy and speculative fantasy if you’re new to the world of fantasy writing. I was approached by David Alyn Gordon to illustrate a SFF book cover via my online contact form (which gives you useful areas to explain what you’re looking

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Tabletop game graphic design

I was commissioned to provide tabletop game graphic design for the upcoming dice and card game, Flip Switch and Roll. I worked with Dexter Churchus, designer of the game to produce the box artwork and graphic design, the rulebook and to ensure the game was ready for print by artworking

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Legendary Kingdoms #3 is live on KS

A new TTRPG Kickstarter I have been working for It’s always so lovely when something you work on gets launched into the wilderness and people get to see all the work you’ve been doing. Well… it’s happened again in the form of Spidermind Games‘ TTRPG Kickstarter, Legendary Kingdoms: Pirates of

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