Perdition’s Mouth- Abyssal Rift


This is not your typical dungeon crawl. Unique intuitive and elegant euro-style mechanics combined with strong co-operation and a dark and deeply immersive theme puts Perdition’s Mouth in it’s own category. It combines the tactical elements seen in blockbusters such as Myth (v2), the struggle to survive from Posthuman, and the awesome dungeon crawling of Descent and Sword & Sorcery.

No dice? Rondels? No gamemaster? Hand management? Crucial co-operation? All in a dungeon crawl? Yes! Keep reading and see…

The game designers of Perdition’s Mouth: Abyssal Rift (Timo Multamäki, Thomas Klausner andKevin Wilson) set out to implement a new kind of dungeon crawl. One that embraces the European school of game design with clever and elegant mechanics and emphasizes strategy while minimizing luck. Cooperation, planning and the enemy response deck eliminate the need for chucking dice, creating a tense combat environment with meaningful decisions! The rondels provide another tactical layer, including the enemy’s devious and challenging AI.

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