Hero Master: An epic game of epic fails

Hero Master is a game I am both designing and creating art work for. Having been a gaming fanatic since a young age, working in the industry has given me a key insight into how to publish and design my own game.

Hero Master has gone through a number of iterations over time.  As an excited designer the temptation was to crowbar mechanics in throughout play tests. Our play testers have been amazed at how much the game has changed over time, particularly streamlining it down to the game it is today.

Originally called Hero Master: Critical fails, I began to document the progress of the design on Board Game Geek after we began regularly play testing. I’ve now begun to blog about it on the official Facebook page for the game too, please come and join! logo

Readers will see the change from there to the final release in a lot of big ways, however he core theme has always remained the same:

Players find themselves as the last-to-be-picked bungling heroes in a tavern. All the good heroes have formed teams and set out to track down the dragon, Crackletooth the Tepid. With nothing else to do, and a lack of ale money, the heroes reluctantly form up and venture forth.

With four races and four classes, players create a random character and combine their abilities to form a unique deck, full of attacks and quirky traits… Quirky traits, that are so irritating to their party, they’re more than a little distracting.

Players are out for themselves. Sure, survival might be a little more assured in a bigger group, but nobody here is splitting the loot, so if you have to barge your way to the front to get the kill, well, so be it. Just watch out though, you don’t want to be around when someone’s swinging an axe and you put them off their stroke. Their critical fail, might be your last mistake…

As you progress, your hero will gain treasure, gold and a lot of wounds before they take on the Dragon in her lair.


This was the original design for the cards, there were so many stats it was pretty crazy.



wizard_pompousplaytest1 den-of-weasels

I have another that is currently on hold… way to ambitious for a first game, but you guessed it, it’s fantasy based.