Hero Master

As well as making art for other people’s board games, I’ve also started to design my own!

logoOne is based in the Hero Master world that I have already released a series of greetings cards for. You can see the greetings cards here in my shop and on Kickstarter. It’s all about a bungling group of adventurers seeking fame and fortune (of course) but they’re so clumsy, pretentious or just plain stupid they constantly find themselves at the centre of mishaps. While the world crumbles for those around them, who will be the one to come up smelling of roses? You can read my design blog- here on Board Game Geek. Please come and check it out and leave a message and a thumbs up!



wizard_pompousplaytest1 den-of-weasels

I have another that is currently on hold… way to ambitious for a first game, but you guessed it, it’s fantasy based.