I’m Jamie, I’m a 2D artist working at a games company in Hammersmith called Yazino. It’s great, we make characters and environments, and get to play games and sometimes they dress me up as a robot. But I don’t mind…

I love videogames, working on them and playing them. Check out my images, I occasionally chuck a new one up on the front page here, but there’s a few tabs to go through to the rest of my stuff!


Below is my newest one: A homage to my early days being obsessed with the artwork from the Games Workshop artists. I’d pore over the books all the time… The painting below is about a spell called “Da Krunch”… It summoned a giant god-foot from the sky to crush enemies. Crazy huh?


Here’s a few bits I did for Riot Games. I’m just waiting on the go ahead for more of my Riot stuff to go online.



For the image above the central splash artwork is existing Riot IP. I was asked to design a wall design for their booth at a Greek event so created the border and background and manipulated the source file to get the character popping out of the scene.

Here’s another fantasy personal project (below)

undead warrior_5

Happy with the way this one turned out, its Lord of the Rings inspired…


(Below) Here’s something I ¬†finished at lunchtimes, I like to have something on the go while I’m eating my lunch, a bit of escapism while I’m eating my sandwiches….


(Below) Here’s a work in progress… Still got bits to do, I’m going to keep adding detail ’til I’m content!


I just finished this, theres still elements I could play with for hours, but I need to stop and move onto something with fresh eyes… Pretty happy with it though!


I’ve been reading about vikings recently and wanted to make a snowy landscape so did this at lunchtime at work.


This one is about a creature I made up called the Wumalux, it’s a bit like the monster from the front cover of Ian Livingstone’s Deathtrap Dungeon, which I only noticed after I did it! I like the opposing light sources I had a lot of fun doodling the meeting of the light n the rocks and pillars.


200 arts per hour was based on a joke we had in the studio… that nobody could do “200 arts an hour”. This is what happens if you try.


In my spare time I occupy my long train journeys with sketching and create personal projects at home in photoshop and illustrator. I still enjoy using traditional materials and had a romance with watercolour during the warm days this summer and on holiday in Italy. I particularly love pencil sketching and acrylics.