I’m Jamie, I’m a 2D artist working at a games company in Hammersmith called Yazino. It’s great, we make characters and environments, and get to play games and sometimes they dress me up as a robot. But I don’t mind…

I love videogames, working on them and playing them. Check out my images, I occasionally chuck a new one up on the front page here, but there’s a few tabs to go through to the rest of my stuff!

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I just finished this one… It’s another Space Marine, I love painting these guys, their armour is cool for just going crazy with the battle scars.space wolf_05

Here’s a new one, it’s about a legendary tree giant who stalks the woods at night replenishing trees from his body. The locals have nicknamed him “Greensleeves”, he’s harmless but still pretty terrifying.

Here’s something I did for Riot Games. The central Cassiopeia artwork was something that I just had to rearrange to fit into my frame. The character was used during the greek event to represent the greek mythology character Medusa. I was tasked with adding League Branding and a unique greek mythology theme to the artwork for use in the marketing publications and booth dressing at the event.