I’m Jamie, I’m a 2D artist working at a games company in Hammersmith called Yazino. It’s great, we make characters and environments, and get to play games and sometimes they dress me up as a robot. But I don’t mind…

I love videogames, working on them and playing them. Check out my images, I occasionally chuck a new one up on the front page here, but there’s a few tabs to go through to the rest of my stuff!

I’ve been a bit nostalgic about the old Games Workshop days I had when I was younger so I’ve been doing a few Warhammer universe inspired pieces like this Space Marine below…


Here’s a current WIP, I just wanted to work up some creature designs.


Below is a homage to my early days being obsessed with the artwork from the Games Workshop artists. I’d pore over the books all the time… The painting below is about a spell called “Da Krunch”… It summoned a giant god-foot from the sky to crush enemies. Crazy huh?


Here’s a few bits I did for Riot Games. I’m just waiting on the go ahead for more of my Riot stuff to go online.